AGROBELLON S.L. is a trading company established in 1998 by the Bellón Pardilla family, which continues the activity undertaken by its members 50 years ago. This is the  4th generation dedicated to this activity. From the beginning, the company was dedicated to the manufacturing of carts, fixed wagons pulled by mules, continuing with fixed trailers for tractor.

At the moment we are dedicated to the manufacturing of dump trailers pulled by agricultural tractors. In the last stage there has been a considerable evolution, from the first dump trailers to the ones of a bigger tonnage manufactured nowadays, tandem type, stainless steel, of three axles, platforms for the harvesting of fruit, industrial trailers for earthwork.

AGROBELLON, S.L. is located in Membrilla’s industrial area, next to the 430National Road. Its facilities are of approximately 4000 of which 2000 sq.mts.correspond to industrial premises, painting chamber and warehouse, whose construction finished in 2002. We have a bridge crane, folding machine, shearing machine, as well as the machinery whichallows the company to be equipped with the most advanced technology in welding, cutting and folding equipments.

In 2007 we inaugurated new facilities in the Industrial State in Manzanares, similar to the ones located in Membrilla, aimed to the development of other works, also in the metal sector, mainly bodyworks for industrial and military vehicles, different types of containers and the development of metallic pieces as per orders.